We discover, plan and co-create
together the NEXT for you
using the ancient wisdom, our expertise and the dreams of the future.

 Innovation & Technology

Sometimes future is simpler, obvious and inevitable.
Innovation and Strategy
There is a NEW every day and some are important for your organization and your business. You need to make sense and have a long-term strategy and revise iteratively. Also, you need to renew your capability every day with the rest of your ecosystem. Finding and building the NEXT. This is our Ikigai.
Sometimes you need to the find the one, iteratively. 
 Proposition Development 
If you need to find your next service, experience, we can help to identify what, why and how from start to finish. Who does not love to find that thing that you are good at and your clients would love the experience?
Sometimes you have to know your future and build it too.
Architecture and Design
Once we know the why and the what, we can help you architect your future and devise a plan to build your NEXT. 

Our Services

Networks and Technology Strategy
Innovation and Organization Consultancy
Ecosystems and
Co-Creation Consultancy
Emerging Technologies and Foresight Consultancy
Open R&D  Building
Ideation and Prototyping Workshops
Product Management
Proposition Development
Insight Driven Enterprise Architecture
Capability Building and Value Chain Mapping
Solution Architecture and High-Level Design
Target Architecture And Transformation Maps

We have worked with

  1. Three
  2. JLT
  3. TMobile
  4. Verizon
  5. Vodafone
  6. BT
  7. HSBC
  8. Kings College
  9. Science Museum
  10. UCL

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